Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Changing the Shape of Modern Surfing

thomas meyerhoffer: changing the shape of modern surfing
since 2004 thomas meyerhoffer has been developing a new kind of surfboard which is now considered by some as the most radical leap in surfboard design in the last 50 years. the 'meyerhoffer' board is shaped like an hourglass to emphasize noseriding and tailriding for recreational surfers. it is supposed to be a longboard that rides like quicker more manoeuvrable shortboard. 
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3.5 Billion Wire Hangers Go into U.S. Landfills Each Year

We don't have to tell you how terrible dry cleaning is for the environment, right?
All of you savvy greenies out there ONLY use green dry cleaners, of that we are sure.
But we digress, we want to talk to you about those pesky, ever-tangled wire hangers that you get with every shirt, skirt and pair of pants. 35 Billion wire hangers are tossed into the landfill every year! Where they just sit...and sit. Did you know that it takes 40 inches of wire to make one hanger? Just one year's worth could wrap around the earth 88 times! Aghhhhh!
Good news! There are a number of very non-painful ways to get around this.
Here we go, starting with the simplest.
1) Every time you pick-up from your favorite green dry cleaner drop off the ones from the previous pick up. They will love you for it!
2) Have your clothing pressed and folded.
3) Insist that your already green dry cleaner get with the program and use eco-friendly hangers

Here's a list of the ones we like best:
Bamboo Hangers
Green Hanger

Now...what to do about that plastic they wrap everything in...
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Friday, July 10, 2009


At GG2G we are all so excited about the bounty of summer. So we thought that this might be an apropos time to talk about the Dirty Dozen. The 12 most contaminated fruits and veggies - we are talking about non-organic here folks. Take a look and then buy organic versions. Because we subscribe to the "glass is half full philosophy" there is a list of the top 12 safest non-organic fruits and veggies at the end. Bon Appetite!


1.PEACHES: Over 94% tested positive for traces of 45 different pesticides.

2.CELERY 94% tested positive for 29 different pesticides.

3.APPLES: 92% tested positive for 36 pesticides.

4..SWEET BELL PEPPERS: 68% tested positive for 39 different pesticides.

5.CHERRIES: 91% tested positive for 25 different pesticides.

6.IMPORTED GRAPES: 86% tested positive for 35 different pesticides.

7.NECTARINES: 97% tested positive for 26 different pesticides.

8.PEARS : 94% tested positive for 35 different pesticides.

9.POTATOES: 79% tested positive for 29 different pesticides.

10.RASPBERRIES: 59% tested positive for 39 different pesticides.

11.SPINACH: 83% tested positive for 36 different pesticides.

12.STRAWBERRIES: 90% tested positive for 36 different pesticides.














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Monday, July 6, 2009

BYE-BYE Reefs!

Reefs could perish by end of century, experts warn

LONDON (Reuters) - Increasingly acidic oceans and warming water temperatures due to carbon dioxide emissions could kill off the world's ocean reefs by the end of this century, scientists warned on Monday.

The experts told a meeting in London the predicted pace of emissions means a level of 450 parts per million of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere will be reached by 2050, putting corals on a path to extinction in the following decades.

The two dozen coral reef specialists and climate change exerts represented universities, government research offices and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

"The kitchen is on fire and it's spreading around the house," Alex Rogers of the Zoological Society of London and the International Program on the State of the Ocean, said in a statement.

"If we act quickly and decisively we may be able to put it out before the damage becomes irreversible."

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We thought that the 4th of July would be the perfect time for a nudge to not only buy local but to buy American-made products whenever possible. Think of it this way: You are not only helping to boost the economy, create jobs and help local manufacturers you are also keeping that pesky carbon footprint low at the same time. From your bar-b-que to your dishes keep it US made and while your at it how about reusable too...
Here are some great red, white and blue buys:

Fiesta Ware  - yes they are still around and still USA made! 
Webber Genesis Grills need we say more?
Northwest Planks  - got to have smoky cedar plank flavor, we love this company!
Cream City Ribbons - Feeling like you need red, white and blue decorations, check'em out.

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