Monday, August 31, 2009


Buy local, buy local, buy local, at GG2G it's our mantra...and now you can get involved in Milford's own Local Proud campaign too! Check out the website, there are loads of good stats about what buying local means to the environment and to the community. Whether you are in Milford, CT or Macon, GA your can give back to your community simply by buying local. Everything from produce to platform shoes, if it's made or sold locally (in an independently owned store), it can make a difference Did you know that:
Studies show that dollars spent locally tend to stay local; local businesses contribute more to local non-profits and participate more in community life; and local independents demand less energy resources and public infrastructure.  A thriving local economy creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs and builds community economic strength for everyone. 
And that's just one of many statistics you'll find when you go to Milford Local Proud dot Com
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


How many times have you said to yourself and your BFF's "Why, oh, why does organic fabric have to be so blahhhhh?" It was, of course, rhetorical at that point but not so now -- Mod Green Pod has taken that oatmeal floating in a sea of beige and turned it on it's boring little head. Above are just some of the gorgeous fabrics that await you (and now wallpaper too). Their 100% organic cotton home textiles and wallpapers are US-made and follow Global Organic Textile Standards to help create a healthy home.
They also have a really groovy Room Creator page so that you can get a sense of scale before you purchase.

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