Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Come on people...How can something so vast, supporting soooo many life forms whilst putting up with so much crap from us, be given just one little day to call it's own? Shameful we say!
We taken it up ourselves here at GG2G to make it Earth Month. We have events happening through out the month to celebrate. You can check out our FaceBook page for details on all of the happenings, but here is a brief list to get your hybrid motor running:

Periodic Tee Give-Aways to benefit Farm Sanctuary
Fundraiser for the Garbage Museum, in Stratford, CT, April 7th.
Launching our brand new line called Salvo! Stay tuned for this one!
Making our first PBS debut on Shades of Green, check your local listing for times.
Heading to Eileen Fisher to learn about sustainability from one of the originators
Giving a little sustainability talk ourselves at New Haven Green Drinks. April 21st, Location TBD

Earth we hope that you like your presents and don't worry we used recycled wrapping paper.

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