Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get in Touch Girl!

Mary Ann Wasil Nilan, executive director, founder, cancer kickin' survivor and health activist as well as one of our neighbors here in Milford started the Get In Touch Foundation after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her foundation encourages gals of all ages to “Get In Touch” with their bodies, information, and each other in a crusade against breast cancer. Mary Ann developed a fun ‘Daisy Wheel’, that explains the importance of breast self-examination and facts about breast cancer. She has also worked tirelessly to convince health educators nationwide the importance of "starting early". Mary Ann developed a program whereby health educations give out the ‘Daisy Wheel’, when girls are in grades 5-12 during health and hygiene classes.
October is national breast cancer awareness month and we wanted to give a well deserved shout-out to Mary Ann for all of her hard work and efforts on all of our behalves.
If you would like to donate to the Get In Touch Foundation click here

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