Sunday, January 24, 2010

IN the BAG - Art Exhibition

The Art and Politics of the Reusable Bag Movement.

GG2G is honored to be invited to participate in this innovative, educational and thought provoking art event. Curated by Liz Milwe and Peter Wormser, this exhibition will delve into the art and politics surrounding the reusable plastic bag movement. 30 years after the environmentally devastating results of our overuse of plastic bags communities across the U.S. along with 33 countries around the world have ban plastic bags. This exhibition will display powerful and creative responses to this overuse. Artists, designers and cooperatives work will be on view along with statistic to drive home the impact of this late 1970's "convenience" - The
plastic bag.

When - Opening Reception: Thursday Jan. 28th, 6 - 8
Where - The Nathan Cummings Foundation
This show runs from Jan. 28 - April 23.
Please click here for more details or if you would like to attend the opening reception, an RSVP is kindly requested.

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