Saturday, February 20, 2010


I can honestly tell you that reading Jonathan Safran-Foers book Eating Animals, changed my life. I've been a vegetarian for 35 years and, after reading this book I'm now a vegan. I feel an overwhelming need to take some action, as a result GG2G has a new and passionate mission -- that is to help the folks at Farm Sanctuary do what they do best -- work to end cruelty to farm animals and promote compassionate living through rescue, education and advocacy. They envision a world where the violence that animal agriculture inflicts upon people, animals and the environment has ended, and where instead we exercise values of compassion.
We feel so strongly about what they are doing that we are donating a 15% of the proceeds from the sale of our new GG2G Tees and a portion of sales from our new line called Salvo to Farm Sanctuary.
The design for the tees were a collaborative effort between artists Day Moore and Ryan Cyr and come in many styles and colors check out for the complete line up.
You can also help Farm Sanctuary by donating directly.

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